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Pause Project / When To Verify // A Dropdown Under Options For Mins / Hours / Days

In a project under Options we can choose submissions per NNN minutes currently.

Lately I have been using GSA differently and desiring submissions per days
and it is impossible to put in 7 days at the moment as that is 10020 minutes.

Is it possible to change the interface to have a drop down for this section
that appears when you click either "Submissions for" or "Verifications for"
to be able to have options of Minutes / Hours / Days?

That way I can set as needed accordingly.

In the illustration I have also added in the section for When to verify.

If we could set custom time here to be a dropdown too with
mins/hours/days that functionality might help others too.

Here is an faux screenshot example of what I mean.



  • SvenSven
    next release allows you to do that (or quite like that).
  • Thanks @Sven, another idea that popped up with this is ... does GSA still dump all non confirmed submitted after 5 days or did I misread something way back when?

    Is it possible to change that to at least 8 days in case we are using a longer term as per the drop downs.

  • SvenSven
    It removes URLs if verification was not successful after XYZ minutes. That time however is a fixed setting and different for each engine. 5 days is the maximum every used for engines so far.
  • Ok.... thanks for that detail Sven
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    I see many people using custom verification times. @Sven - surely set to automatic verify time is the best setting since it's different for each engine and you coded each engine to have the correct verify time. Why do people alter this? I don't see why it would add value to set a custom time. 
  • SvenSven
    @AlexR - not related to this thread but it's because some customers want to speed up submission and don't care too much about the verified URLs and check them once per day only and not several times in intervals.
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