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GSA difficult find social sites

Hello, i want to ask if this is my problem, or...And if it's mine how i can fix it, maybe with extra settings, or don't know.

For me it's almost difficult to receive verified, and even submited urls from social sites, wiki, ecc. If i receive 1-3 in a day it's a great day for me. but with other blog comments, guest book, gsa don't have problems. Becouse they are easy to submit, so can someone help me out to understand if it's my problem or not. I am using also Captcha Breaker now toghether with GSA, and i have unchecked to use localhost, becouse of server requires, it's busy to other software. But when was enabled nothing changed. I am also use private proxies, and vps with great resources, anyone can help me out?


  • MrXMrX Germany
    You can try to harvest some social sites via scrapebox or something else!
    Please post some screenshots of your settings so we can help you
  • How many words is your article ?
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