Projects that won't stop

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It often happens when I try to stop all projects I get a single project that won't stop. Even when I then try to change the status of the said project it says it is inactive but when I try to update or close the program I get a warning that projects are still running. Any idea what is causing this problem and how it can be eliminated?

I realize that I could probably rebuild the project and start from scratch to overcome this but I would like to avoid resubmitting to sites that already have my link on them if possible.


  • They will eventually stop. Just have to wait :)
  • Still waiting after two hours. It's got to mean something isn't quite right. Furthermore, it happens to the same projects every time while others are unaffected.
  • cool, found this as well:

    two of my projects are still "running" even after stopping them...

    i scrolled by up the log (last verified urls) and see that the last verified is 18 hours ago for those two projects...

    if i try to quit, it says "There ar still projects running. Quit anyway?"

    please help and thank you!

  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
  • @skyf and royalmice...My answer here might help you.
    Worth a try.
  • yes . get that sometimes too.. minior but still annoying bug
  • thanks for your response guys :)
  • ronron
    It's really not 'running'. There are open threads even when your thread count shows zero. Just hitting the little 'x' in the upper right corner will usually close down those colored lines in SER about 70% of the time. If not, try that a second time. If it closes SER, no biggie, just reopen it. A little nuance, but not something I am sure can be 'fixed' in a multithreaded application. Antivirus can cause it among other things. 
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    I'm having this problem again.  The main issue is that my CPU usage stays at 50-99%, threads are at 0 and nothing happens for hours.  I have to force quit in task manager but not everything has been saved.

    For example I was verifying one campaign and it was down to 9600 in the submitted column.  After a task manager quit, that number was back up to 13,500, so I imagine it writes to the save file every X minutes.

    I have this problem on 2 servers, one campaign seems to always have this problem, and the other server is more sporadic.
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