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Can we use foreign anchors?

Hey, can we somehow use foreign letters as anchors?

I wish to use some russian and arabic letters as an anchor, but if I copy paste them in through "edit all" they turn up as ???.

Is there any way around this?


  • I have same issue with french accents.
  • yeah same here, we need better way to do this.
  • I am use chinese in anchor text  and show no problem
  • MrXMrX Germany
    I am using german anchors with umlauts and its working fine.
    In what way are you using them ? Direct copy&paste into SER ? Or file macro ?
    I am using utf-8 encoded .txt files with all my data in it and SER does parse it correctly.
    Are you getting the "???" in preview or in the actual build account/article ? Sometimes the preview is not really what SER is going to produce!
  • My imported file had bad encoding, all working fine now.
  • I am getting ??? in preview.
    And I am copy pasting the anchors from notepad...

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