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has anyone tried to improve Plone engine?

I see that sometimes SER can login with no problem... but more often it turns out that it didn't registered at all though it claimed in log "registered successfully"

has anyone spend time on this or ignored? :P


  • SvenSven
    please provide some sample URL.
  • I found the main problem about plone is it has really very customizable registration step... there are fields with really different names... didn't find out why sometimes SER gives answer 'registered successfuly' but I will spend some hours on finding reasons :P

    what you can modify for everyone is to add following line to [register_step1]
    variable must be used=email

    many times i found that SER thought that registration form is a serach form, which result in lots of fake 'unknown registration status' by simply 'clicking' search button ;-)

  • SvenSven
    ok updated that for now ;)
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