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YouTube + SER for money site?

I am using SER and I'm slowly moving up on Google. There seems to be a lot of people using YouTube videos with direct links to their money site to get traffic.

Are YouTube videos with direct links to money sites safe, or should you direct traffic to a T1, and have a link on that T1 to your money site?

I know that if you use those free view services, then other members can view the videos using the service. That could mean someone else steals your niche, so that is something to be concerned about.


  • You should not be too concerned about other members viewing your videos, because most just keeps it on on VPS and forgets it (set and forget) or either on their desktops and do their work while it browses the videos and earns them points.

    You should be fine and should take care in buying views from single person instead, as that is more likely to get your niche stolen.
  • Guys what tool do you use to make videos?

  • on1x1  I use Power Point to create videos. First create a good template with some animation and after that add the text and the images. You have the option to save just .wmv, but if you want a video with another extension you can search for a free video converter like "FreeMake Video Converter".
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