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[SELL] GSA Auto Approve(Global verified) List - 18,000 Unique Verified Domains

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GSA Auto Approve List - 18,000 Verified Domains - Low LpM Is A Thing Of The Past!

GSA Auto Approve List with 18,000 Unique Verified Domains

So many people are using VPS’s, or even their home computer to run GSA. With a low power server like this, it’s going to take forever to create a sizeable base of auto approve urls to use on your projects.

Even if you know exactly what to do, scraping/filtering/scraping and posting to extra urls takes a looonnngggggggg time. That’s why I created this list, to save you the headache of going through all that trouble yourself.

This list is an excellent option for tiered linking, churn and burn type spam, or even directly to your site if you use the right filtering options.

Let’s take a look at the stats on this list. You will receive:

17957 unique verified domains. That’s 17957 different domains where my link was verified to be found. This was just 2-3 days ago, so this list is VERY fresh. You can see the stats here: That output is straight from GSA with unique domains only. The figure is a little higher there, but I’m only claiming the 17957 number. Just a note here, these stats might be a little off on some of the platforms. It’s quite accurate in my spot checks, but I think GSA saves things to the wrong list sometimes and that messes up the number a bit.

170,000+ unique verified urls. I took the time to scrape the extra urls from blog comments, image comment and trackbacks. This came out to 170,000 extra verified urls for you to place your link on. You can see the stats for the urls here

Account data from my projects is also included. That way you don’t even have to register accounts!

You will also get a quick video showing you exactly how to install the list.

Literally all the work has been done for you. You get a verified GSA auto approve list, with all the extra urls scraped for you and verified, and you get account data as well. You’ll be up and running posting your urls to 18,000 domains in under a minute.

The price for the list is 49$

You can also get a 10$ discount by signing up for my email list.


Contact: Post here or contact me on skype at web2accounts to ask any questions you have.

Reviews: If you want to see reviews, I can PM you my thread from BHW.


  • so, everybody who buys that list has the same login data?
  • donaldbeckdonaldbeck Advanced SER Videos -> | Learn SER For Free Step By Step ->
    edited July 2013
    Yes thats correct, but It's provided as a convenience for those who don't want to create their own accounts for whatever reason. You don't have to use it, no one is going to stop you from simply creating your own accounts.

    To be super clear, the account data comes in a text file. You import it into your projects if you want to use it, its not used by default.
  • So those are mostly guestbook entries and blog comments right?
  • donaldbeckdonaldbeck Advanced SER Videos -> | Learn SER For Free Step By Step ->
    edited July 2013
    You can see whats in the list at

    Theres a little bit of everything.

    If you are interested in knowing exactly how many there are of a certain platform, I'll check for you.
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