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Indexing! Indexing!!. How do you guys do it?

It takes forever for my links to index even after I send them to indexing services (lindexed, indexification e.t.c). Now, I am beginning to wonder if there will be any need to continue to use this services as results are really indifferent. Now, I can only get about 10% of my Tier 1 indexed on time. The rests takes months and some never(since 3 months now so I assume never)

How do you guys handle this? What is the best way to get most links indexed in the most reasonable time frame. I am more concerned about the Tier 1 links. I think the lower tiers can survive and won't need this.

Will appreciate any and all comments.

Thank you


  • ronron

    The best indexer is backlinks.

    An expensive solution, but a very good one for T1, is Nuclear Link Indexer.

  • @ron thanks a bunch. Does Nuclear Link Indexer still works? My impression is that the owners stopped updating it. If you used this recently, do you have any stats about their index rate? 

    As for backlinks, you mean lower tiers?

    Thank you
  • @ron Interesting. Do you use it still? How would you compare it with GSA Indexer? And why just tier1 though?

  • ronron
    edited July 2013

    It was always the best, but it has always been the most expensive. I would never use it for anything beyond tier 1 because of the cost. Haven't used it in a while, but I thought it was still better than anything else. That's what I have heard recently. I wouldn't doubt that its indexing has suffered as Google is simply indexing less and less as time goes on.

    Backlinking was, is, and will always be the best way to help get something indexed, at any tier level.

  • Thank you ron
  • 1 week after tier1 links were created, my T1 get 5% indexed, processed through indexification & lower tiers.

    About to try blast blog comments with gscraper and see what will happen.
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