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Scraping a custom list still needed?

New to SER, obviously. Sorry this is a newbie question but in the instructional videos I have seen people scraping custom lists with either SB or SER to use in their projects. However, it seems like SER scrapes a list automatically based on engines selected and keywords entered.... Is that correct? I guess this since my first project is running and I did not scrape a list.

If that is correct, is there any advantage to scraping a list separately from a project?



  • SvenSven
    Scraping your own lists is not reuired but might speed things up especially if you use external tools specialized to this.
  • Thanks.

    Since I have been reading on this I came across scrapebox, Gscraper, hrefer. Right now I am only running a few campaigns so I am not too worried with overall performance.
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