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When can we improve the email setup?

edited September 2012 in Feature Requests
Hello Everyone :)

I'm just wondering when can wee see an improvement to the email setup?
Its the most obvious bug to me and others, and yet from reading here its not even being taken seriously.

We need to be able to import a .txt or .csv file full of emails, and remove the emails as their blacklisted. GSA would have just a small
counter like 56/500 emails blacklisted. 

Having just one single email is silly on many levels -

1.) Why post with only 1 email? You put alot of security pressure on one email account, why not spread it out?
2.) You now need to manually check daily if its been blacklisted, with 100's of emails you'd remove that problem.
3.) You would get a higher success ratio - Think of all the sites you could have posted on while your email was blacklisted.
4.) When you change your email around, you'll lose links that have not been mail verified.

I'm just wondering what is more important than this? From my point of view its the Achilles tendon of this entire programme,
everything works wonderfully, and I can't believe this bug remains.



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