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Dofollow or NotFollow

I see that i am getting about 440 nofollow and 550 dofollow high pr 3 backlinks.

But since nofollow does not have any real value, should i just make my project to ignore the nofollow links ?

Some peopel are saying that this makes everything look more natural to the search engines and
having only dofollow might cause problems with ranking.

Is just just rumors or is it something to it ?

So should i ditch nofollow all togehter and concentrate on the dofollow ?
And from what i hear, it might take several weeks until my backlinks actualy show up in google.
I am currently using SEO spyglass to check my backlings, but its only showing 61 backlinks, all from on signle forum.
Its only been 4 days, so i guess it might take a few weeks ?

Would love to hear what you guys have to say about this !


  • Mix of both is always good. I prefer higher % of dofollow to nofollow.

    You can check backlinks with or
    ahrefs for me seems to have the freshest backlink data.
  • Thanks m8, really appritiate the info.

    Just learning the software and keep learning things, finding new things all the time with this software :)

    I am getting about 500-600 PR 4 backlinks pr day that are verified, would you say that is ok ?
    Doing it with 50 private proxy and also the indexer is also using private proxy to speed things up with
    100 threads. The GSA search engine ranker is set to 400 threads.

    Am i on the right track when it comes to performance ?

    Thanks again for taking the time to answer, really appritaited :)
  • Yes I think that seems like a good start.

    One tip is to keep on playing around with settings and test.
    This way you can see what settings get you best results.
  • ronron

    This is one of the biggest repeated seo myths on the planet.

    Don't ever think that nofollow links have no value. I have ranked sites with just nofollow links.

    You always want a natural mix of nofollow links, and that can be 30% or 70% or anything in between. The point I am making is that 10% nofollow is very unnatural as most links on the internet are nofollow - so you stick out like a sore thumb.

    If you just plod along not giving this much attention one way or the other, SER gives you a nice balance of nofollow and dofollow. I don't intentionally choose engines based on this. I want engines that give me a lot of links - that should be your main concern.

  • I 100% agree with @ron. My most of the links are nofollow and they are helping me rank. It's a BIG TIME myth.
  • Moreover, you are probably bound to get a nice slap from big G in the next big update. Don't you think SE's consider those factors? Because just getting only nofollow is an obvious manipulation to cheat search engine position.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @ron - well said. 
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