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New to SER. I have manually setup my T1, T2 and T3 sites. How do I setup SER?

I have manually setup my Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 site. (Money site < T1 < T2 < T3).

I'm new to SER, but I've learned how to configure the proxies and all that for a single project (one domain with a lot of pages), but I'm not sure about configuring it Tier wise (multiple domains with pages and different anchors).

How do you setup SER Tier wise?


  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    How long have you spent reading this forum? Once you've spent at least 10 hours reading I'd suggest asking a question like this...
  • edited July 2013
    I'm curious about this as well.

    AlexR any specific threads/posts you suggest on how to setup SER for pre-made tiers? If the tiers are one money site are pre-made, should each tier be it's own separate project, or should you group them together?
  • Kreist - read those posts. thanks.

    would it be fine to just run each man-made tier as their own project? If so, what backlink difference should be made for each tier (i.e. 100 backlinks per day for T1, 500 backlinks per day for T2, and 1000 backlinks per day for T3)?
  • ronron

    Just add the URLs from your man made tier into a new project. This can be done for T1,T2,T3 or T1A,T2A,T3A, etc.

    It sounds like you already have these built, and it's not a brand new site, so I would go to Options (2nd tab in project), and check box to "Pause the project after 10 submissions reached in a day, *PER URL* (checked).

    So if you have 100 links made in T1, then T2 would build 10 links per day for each of the 100 links, thus giving you 1000 links per day aimed at your T1. 

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    ron - When you say "from your man made tier into a new project", do you mean man-made T1 gets a new project, man-made T2 gets its own new project, and man-made T3 gets its own new project?

    What if the site is a brand new site, how would you proceed?
  • ronron

    I was quoting from above. Yes, If you already built links and tiers, you just put them in the appropriate project for that tier. You wouldn't mix them. I'm not sure what is the source of confusion.


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