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GSA needs to increase the price! Or suffer fate!

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I have been discussing this over with several other SEO friends of mine. And we all agree GSA website ranker needs to increase its price, or suffer the same fate as Scrapebox and Xrumer. Not that these aren't good tools. But g**gle is on a war path and theirs not many good tools left that has effect in serps like GSA. Scrapebox single handedly destroyed blog commenting. Xrumer single handedly destroyed profile links. Not because there bad tools. But G**gle comes along and slaps what the tools do. I.E blog commenting for backlinks,or profile links for backlinking. Its getting harder and harder to find useful SEO tools these days that actually work. Many of us use "Auto" tools because we have so many websites and GSA is one of the best tools currently. But unless this stays out of the hands of every noob with a hundred dollar bill. GSA will soon suffer the same fate as the others. And before the GSA affiliate's come here and flame me, which I know what there gonna say "GSA has so many platforms its hard to slap" True! But tell that to G**gle. They don't care about platforms, they will find another way. Look at all these crazy algo updates and what they slap. Link velocity, link diversity etc... who knows. With GSA being public they can go there and do as much studying as any buyer can. And we already know what tricks there playing with the algorithms. They only simply have to change it in a way to combat how the links come in. Take in example. We build a link and then the link is pinged. that could be a footprint. There are tons of other ways to track us. We have no idea, we dont have as much money as G**gle or know what there spam teams (with unlimited budgets by the way) are doing at any time. Im sure there probably already onto GSA. Think about it like this. If you have a security team that's paid tons of money to look for shit like this you think there not already on GSA's heels?? If these tools keep going public and are sold for next to nothing everyone better get ready to start building manual links all day for 50-100 sites or however many sites that you own. Good luck with that shit. GSA needs to be private tool and should be sold for 1k atleast. No im not a disgruntled SEO, Im a big SEO tool lover and privacy guru. If you look over bhw history, there are so many tools that come and go. Usually they last until the next update.

Also scrapebox has been under DDOS for the last 2 months because blog owners want to destroy it even. Think about how many people own that $57 spamming tool?

Sorry im just not a fan of these tools being public and for dirt cheap.. Rant over!

Feel free to speak your piece! 


  • Amen. I agree 100% with you.
  • just my :2c: the reason why blog owner know about scrapebox / and fighting it - is cause  so called SEO experts of the super stupid kind put their Auto Approve List linking to their Scrapebox Tool Kits sites, with the exact keywords, a soldi blog owner / google would not like to see it in that way like

    Black Hat SEO / 1000 Backlinks in 10 min / SEO Tools / No1 in Google / .... the list is endless

    okay they make it to drive traffic to thie Scrapebox tool sites, cause with the addons they sell they try to make a buck, however you cant blame Scrapebox for the dumb people using it.

    As on now i dont see any way how such an attack could be done against SER, cause it does not do some insane mass processings like SB does


    howevever i am the noob in BH so prolly shouldnt say anything in the first place

  • Yeap, GSA is definitly to cheap.  It should cost 2x or 3x times more.
  • well even i agree, i would not like monthly subscriptions, espacially not for people which have a other business then doing that only LOL

    but with a better written documentation, and startup guides, best settings guide, FAQ, (cause for was very time consumptioning getting to know, it and i still know only 20% of it) i would agree that a more fair price ranger for the developers, und their sheer endless efforts they put in it, should be more like $297

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    You know it is really easy to say, "Raise the Price" after you have gotten your copy and/or multiple copies cheap.

    To those people who say raise the price. If Sven started to charge a $60+ monthly or raised the price to $300+.

    Would you be willing to start paying the monthly and/or the difference for your multiple copies?
  • I have just purchased this software and hope to learn to use it over the next couple of weeks, but based on all the reviews in at least 3 forums I visit this software is very under-priced for what it does. I dont know what a good business model is for this software but notice that GSA has some other software that require yearly payment, (softsubmit) yet this appears to be the most powerful of all the software sold by them and $100 is too cheap, especially when you take into account the constant updates/features they seem to constantly be adding.

    After doing my research and before even purchasing this software In my mind i probably would have done the same had it been $500 or $1000, and definitely would have got it if it cost $50 or so a month. I may change my mind about this if i fail to learn to use this effectively but dont think that's going to happen with all the praise so many people are giving to this. This is actually one of the few times i have went out and bought everything needed for a piece of software before ever trying it out. I got proxies, CS, and all the recommended items the pro's in this forum suggest, and this is something i normally never do but felt it was worth the risk for this software...

    To sum it up, if I had a choice of a bunch of people abusing/wrecking the effectiveness of this tool but getting it for $100 or having to shell out $1000 for it and having the chance at a relatively long lasting tool that works for the next few years I would definitely be willing to pay more money. I think these people wouldn't have much trouble making more money by implementing a different pricing plan that makes them more money and allows the software to get even better.

  • Yaaaawn get a grip people the price is the price deal with it
  • The way I see it... dont copy everyone else. Use your own unique comments/everything and you wont match everyone else's foot print. Mix it up.

    Now from a value perspective, GSA SER is a great value and one reason I bought SER is because it was a single payment. I loath reoccurring payments.
  • Rising the price or recurring payment is not the solution. Take a look at SENuke X with $147/month or xrumer with $600 + recurring monthly payment.

    Isn't that price was already expensive, if you want to paid more for this tool. Ask Sven to create donation link and you can donate to Sven for this great seo tool.

  • Before people start talking about wanting higher prices lets wait and start seeing some good results that can be proven. I love how GSA works but there's been barely anybody talking about what results they've seen.

    If you want to give more then just donate or buy another license.
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
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    @Stranger - Actually, there has been a good amount of people that have had results with the software. Anyone who has any experience in SEO or has used the other automated SEO linkbuilding tools on the market knows it's worth way more then the asking price.

    @everyone else - The bottom line is whatever GSA wants to charge for a tool is up to them, but you have to remember in reality the total cost is a lot more then $89 if you want to really use the software to its full potential.

    You either need to buy Captcha Sniper which is an additional $77 + third party captcha credits or just pay for third party captcha credits. (unless you skip captcha or solve manually) Then you have private proxies which are a recurring monthly fee (average $20-$40/month) then if the user wants a VPS that can be $30-$100/month depending on hardware.

    Just keep all of that in mind. In reality, if someone wants the software they're gonna find a way to get it regardless of the price. SEnuke has a huge fee and probably has the largest customer base of any SEO tool on the market. I don't think price will make that big of a difference. (in my opinion)
  • I'm not arguing the value at all. I'm paying more for senuke. What I am saying though is that it would be nice to have a forum on here where more people can talk about results they are getting and how. Tons of people are praising the ease if use but but not how effective GSA is especially after this last google update.
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    @Stranger - All in due time. ;)
  • It always is :)
  • @Stranger

    Trust me, there are plenty of people who are having great success with GSA. I'm one of them. the thing is that these people won't spend their time coming on here to brag, as there busy scaling things up to make more money. The only time you'll see them, is when theres a problem, which is affecting the flow of the money their making. If you find a way to make money, would you rather waste time bragging about it on a forum, and then have a stream of people asking you how you done it, and then feeling either you need to give away the secret or risk being called a liar, or would you simply keep your head down, and scale it up to make more? 
  • Agreed, people having real success with this wouldn't talk much about it anyways. There's not much to gain.
  • thats actually true waht s4nt0s mentioned, didnt thought about it before, when i started out with this BH thing it actually costed me quite some here and there, and it felt like a endless pot to put money in

    GSA, Private Proxies, CS,  VPS Server, TBS and the list goes on, so all this BH tactics eat already a good 400+ just to get it reasonble started,

    i have to admit, that i didnt try SENuke in the first place, not even the trial, cause of the price aspect, all this BH stuff is not my main income, so whenever i do something keep my main income stable or improve it, it must be sort of reasonable priced. I still think a 14 days trial with $297  pricetag for GSA i might would have taken as well, however the higher the price the unlikely it gets.

    As spoken for me personally, every monthly billed program i wouldnt like to want in the first place right away, it pays usually off pretty well for people doing BH fulltime, but for rather normal people which has another biz to run, they dont wanna have side costs running as well, espacially when its such a vague thing like SE Rankings.

    One way or the other we have to face it, Google gives it, Google takes it, and there is often no understabable reason for it, i have a EMD since years, and it always ranked shitty, but i didnt care of it a lot either, when they recently run their anti EMD update, that domain did get a total boost, so my EMD got now 50% SE traffic as it had before 5%, and as matter of fact, when they would punish lousy less content domains, my EMD would be the perfect one to fall into that category, but besides all odd, its did get a massive boost.

    So i wanted to say, there is not point in even trying to understand google, they have their own way, imho, lots of Google results those days are highly irrelevant, for the terms i am searching, i use personally to search cause there i get relevant results, however DDG doesnt have the user amount to provide me with enought traffic

  • Raise the price!   Use the money to further improve the software.   Xrumer is $690.00  and still tons of people have it. 
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