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Some Quick Questions Need To Be Answered :)

I have so many question in my mind, even though I read through some FAQ threads, I still couldn't have a clear answer. SER is really not that easy to use for newbie like me, thus I hope someone can clear my doubt ;)@ozz @ron Thanks in advanced ;)

1) I found out the default "blog comment spintax" (Thanks for the good post.. etc..) is not in a correct form, when I test to rewrite on software like Magic Article Rewriter, it said it was wrong format. So is it actually correct?

2) When I import the wrong list to a project, should I choose "delete target URL Cache OR History"

3) How Global Site list actually works, I have watched few tutorials and still don't understand. Is it we import all the identified/submitted/verified sites into it, and when every project is being carried out, it will look for suitable sites before it scrape for other links? If so, when any project campaign is done, do I need to manually import the submitted and verified sites to the list?

4) Sometimes I found the 'submitted links' in a project will FLUCTUATE, suddenly go up to 110 and gone down to 40 again. Aren't they are confirmed submitted? and why is it fluctuating? (for verified links is fine)

5) I have purchased the license version of ACW, and I found out it cannot "autofill" like KontentMachine or ArticleBuilder in SER. And I've seen people talking about ACW template, what is it for actually?

6) I watched a tutorial about "pull content from folder & matching articles titles-bodies-summaries", which said I can import a folder of articles title, and it will randomly choose any title in the folders. He did it together with Article Summary and Article Body. When he click 'test', the titles, summary and body are MATCHING. I thought it won't happen when it is randomly picked? (he must have left out some important explanation)



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    And oh ya, I'm NOT using any external captcha service like 'deathbycaptcha' as I want to save cost (I found out it run out too fast even though Im just successfully submitted 100 links, it took me the price of 1000 captcha), so I'm just using Captcha Breaker. Thus, can I know how many links i've missed? 50%? 70%? I guess the low submission rate is due to that ;) help me @sven
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    2) Delete target URL.
    3) You don't need to use sitelists. When you enable them it uses them first and if it runs out of targets it will then scrape. 
    6) Watch the video/read the post again where it explains it. It works perfectly. 
  • how about for 1,4 and 5? And do I have to manually import the successfully submitted and verified links to my "identified list"?
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    How about a thanks? I answered 50% of your questions. 
    1) Don't use the defaults...spend some time and create your own and use the test button to check. 

    There we go...66.67% of your questions answered...
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    I don't use can't answer that. 
    4) Does it matter?
  • Thanks @alexr and @d3ad for your kindness! =D
  • Im currently using semi-dedicated proxies from proxy-hub, the speed is around 1 to 3. And I just tested PRIVATE proxies from squid proxies, and the speed is very slow and keep failed. Any better options? I want to have my speed all below 1 :)
  • In the "Use URL from Global Site list" section, I can choose to tick Identified, Submitted, Verified and Failed. Should I tick them all? If I check "failed", does it mean SER will recognize the failed links and won't try or attempt to post there? @alexr thanks alex :)
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Most users use submitted and verified only. 
  • So I can uncheck "failed"?
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