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Global problem with links indexing

For those who check links indexing with different programs, services (not gsa ser).


For last few weeks i get troubles with my links indexing. i'm using lindexed 300k package and indexification 400k package.

% of indexed links for T1 is 17% - t1 has t2 and t3 (also indexed by stated above services).

Targeted websites is indexed normally. 

Where problem is possibly can be? 

Maybe you are using gsa ser platforms to index your article tires?

Will be grateful for any help.

P.S. advice for all - check your links indexation.  

Best Answer

  • Accepted Answer
    Not all your LQ links will be indexed. Give them some time and make backlinks for them if they are important (like web 2.0, articles, etc). Or just move on and make new backlinks


  • we are all aware about indexing problem post penguin and there are like 2 or 3 threads about this topic
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