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Get GSA to allow you to manually input blog comments

edited September 2012 in Need Help
I have a project where I only use the Blog commenting. I put higher than PR 2 and this is on the page not domain. And less than 50 OBL. I want to do high pr commenting but I also want it to stick and so I don't want to use my generic comments but get GSA to allow me to comment manually.

I ticked the "Enable custom mode" and I thought this is meant to tell GSA to allow me to input comments manually. Am I right?

Anyway, despite the above, I've still had 8 submissions and I wasn't asked to input comments manually.

Well, I left my computer running overnight and throughout the day so I'm not sure if they did ask me and then I wasn't there so they just submitted it by itself?

Do let me know what I'm doing wrong - or if the program can't do what I want it to do - which is to just find high pr blog posts for me to manually comment on. Thanks


  • SvenSven
    Working fine for me. I get queried to enter the comment before submission. But keep in mind that the program knows if you are logged off or screensaver is running so it will not ask you than and just skip queries.
  • Yes, that is something I wish it can overcome. I don't want it to post by myself. I want it to either store the query or the URLs (without posting anything to it) so I can come back to it when I'm back.

    Because, yes, I may not be around when it finds a blog.

    What do you mean "if you are logged off"? Logged off from what?

    Is it possible to get the program to either store the URL (and not post) and hold the query till we do something about it. Most people will like this feature to comment on high PR blogs (it's precious and we don't want to ruin it with a general comment) but we also run this program throughout the day and so we won't be there to comment straight away.
  • SvenSven

    logged off from the pc (welcome screen).

    next version will let you click on the "Timeout" label so all submissions are on hold until you come back and continue. Right now this timeout-hold was only possible on captchas, guess I forgot to add it to the custom-mode dialog.

  • Thanks.  That would be great for people who want to do high pr commenting well. Cheers!
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