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★★★ Time for a Break - GSA on Holiday till 2013-08-03 ★★★

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I know you saw a similar thread some weeks ago, but this is happening again now. I promise it is the last holiday this year where I'm totally absent from PC ;)

  • Make use of google search with " your_keyword"
  • Listen to the regular/senior users (thanks again for everything)
  • Avoid public proxies and other proxy problems


  • ;) have a great time again sven ! finally sun is there in germany ,)
  • have a good time Sven :)
  • Enjoy your vacation!
  • Malle is' nur einmal im Jahr! ;)
  • Have a good One !
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Enjoy! Don't look at PC or phone! BTW - Barcelona is very nice at the moment...very warm and many tourists!
  • Enjoy your holidays you deserve it
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @rodol - where you live you must always be on holiday! ;-)
  • always good to unplug and re-energize :)

    have a good one
  • \:D/ Have a nice holiday~~~~~~~~~
  • Enjoy your holiday :D Very, very, very well deserved!
  • lols @AlexR xD, but its really hot this summer 
  • The BEST to you and yours, Sven, on your vacation/break.
  • Have a great summer, you really deserve it
  • SvenSven

    Thanks all...just finished the fist email/forum lookup/answering...more on Monday.

    Will check PM's as well than.

  • The moment i seen an update.. i know Sven is back.. :)
  • oh yes, @sven is back! the dark knight rises!
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Going by some of the questions and support issues on here, I bet your already planning your next break Sven

    Either that or commit yourself into a lunatic asylum after dealing with some


    Good to see you back and on top form with support

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