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ability to turn off tool tips

edited September 2012 in Feature Requests
it is nice knowing what each field is used for in data options but those large tool tips screens, like the one for keyword, can get in the way when working fast. would it be possible to have an option to hide the tool tip screens that show when you hover over a data field?


  • i want that too
  • SvenSven
    Move the mouse away?
  • @sven Lol . that would make sense but on my vps everything seems to be a bit slower than on a local machine as far as mouse movements and such so sometimes they just pop up. its an annoyance more than anything.
  • i have the same issue, when i have GSA running on my local pc, no problem at all, but on my VPS its kinda of a pain, its a much smaller window when i connect to it, so the tool tips are almost screen filling already, i understand you cant make it right for everybody, but a option to turn those off, would be great, or having some [?] and only when people hover over the [?] it appears, but not always, would be a big relief for me
  • SvenSven
    Next version will have a HELP label so this help text is not getting displyed unless you move over that small label.
  • i wont move over that one, :D promised, and thx a lot
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Thanks! This will be a great solution, as with the slow internet and the lag, you often accidentally mouseover and get a help text!
  • this is fantastic, thanks sven.
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