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Multiple link types per domain / engine

I'm trying to tune up some of the existing engines and add a couple more to increase my hit rate and find some more targets. It's lead me to a couple of questions as to how SER identifies sites when there are multiple engines that could be matched.

For example, if we look at Drupal there is a Blog engine for posting articles, and Drupal footprints in the 'Blog comments - General' file, as well as a possible match in the trackback2 engine.
In a case like this where a site could be listed under either engine, how does SER decide which engine should take priority when adding a domain, or does it add it to all engines where there is a match?

Also, I've noticed some engines - eg BuddyPress - allow multiple link types per domain. It initally creates an account, then tries to post an article in a group, which may or may not be successful. Then, it posts a status update with a link, using the script under [EXTRA_STEP1] (which doesn't seem to be documented)

Is there any specific reason to do it as one single script like buddypress, or as multiple scripts like the drupal example, or does it really make no difference (bar reusing accounts/saving on emails)?

Many thanks!


  • SvenSven
    The best match wins. Meaning if you have several "page must have" or "url must have" lines in the script, the one with the most lines will win. By default it is configured to e.g. take XpressEngine for article posting rather than TrackBack-Format2 if that would also match.
  • Thanks, I can see how I could use that to prioritise link types, presumably if there aren't enough things to match on I could repeat lines such as
    "page must have1=dongle
    page must have2=dongle"

    I do have a follow up question though  - If I am using Tools -> Advanced - > Import site list from file, would an  XpressEngine url identified as 'article' always be set to post an article, or if I have project that just uses Trackbacks and not Articles could that same link be picked up by the project?

    I know ideally you don't want lots of links from the same domain, I'm just thinking of sites like Drupal where you don't know if you can post an article until you've signed up - but you would likely still be able to post a comment. It'd be great if there was a way of identifying sites as part of a family and then attempting different links one by one, but I appreciate that's not how its structured right now and it would not be easy to change.
  • SvenSven
    That " Import site list from file " will only add the URL to the engine list of the best match. However during submission it might be used for other engines as well when the primary used engine does not result in a successful submission.
  • Ahh, brilliant - that make sense - thanks. I guess it means there's no great need to worry about which is identified then :)
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