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My Setup For Ranking A YoutubeVideo On Google

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Hi guys! Hope you are doing great!

Over the past weeks I tested a lot of different setups on using GSA SER. I want to share with you my experience and hope you will still have some tips and tricks for me ;)

Running this setup 24/7!

Global settings:
+ no proxies used
+ captcha sniper
+ 30 threads (running 2 projects)
+ no tired linkbuilding

Project data:
Submit to:
(only "with anchortext" and "has dofollow links" checked)

+ spintext with 75% uniqueness
+ only keyword as anchortext
+ search engines: only english
+ skip sites from countries: none english language
+ skip pr below 0
+ indexing using free indexing services (eg pinger)

backlinks a re getting indexed (source:

+ title, tags, etc.: good
+ providing: mixed views, likes, comments, favs, subs
+ facebook shares, twitter tweets (of video url)

Analyse keyword and competition:
+ 10k exact searches a month
+ 4k videos on YT
+ no video on 1st page of G. Dailymotion/vimeo Videos on 2nd page of G. YTVideos on 4th page of G.

This is in my eyes a very organic setup. But unfortunatly my video is not appearing anywhere on google. Since mixed views, likes, comments, favs, subs are not important for google ranking i am just doing them as a bonus.

Hope you guys have some advice how I can hit 1st page on google wih my YTvideo.

Thanks a lot :)


  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Use private proxies.. :-)
  • i will try it, got a good place to buy them? @AlexR
  • googlealchemistgooglealchemist Anywhere I want
    what kind of success rate are you currently having with the web 2.0 mod?
  • edited July 2013
    + no proxies used... BAD, FIX THIS AND START AGAIN, Get some Private proxies or shared ones.

    + 30 threads (running 2 projects) Why only 30.... use all the threads your proxies can handle, YOUR PRIVATE PROXIES.

    + only keyword as anchortext.......... DIVERSIFY your Anchors, you should not use 100% your main anchor for all your backlinks, use more variations, 25% secondary, 20% LSI, 20% generic, i don't know set your % but diversify.

    + search engines: only english... WHY?... you want to build a lot of links, let SER scrape everywhere.

    + skip sites from countries: none english language... WHY?... more filters more slower your linkbuilding.

    + skip pr below 0... WHY?... using PR filter for a YOUTUBE VID? again more filters lower submissions lower link velocity, NO RANK.
  • @googlealchemist lol just checked it... 0% wtf?are you experiencing the same?

    @rodol I modified my projects towards your suggestions. except i am using public proxies not private ones. thanks a lot for taking your time. i addev video submissions aswell :)

    @metster i am asking myself this aswell :/

  • @tbonemaker you will never see realistic results with public proxies, try to get at least 10 shared proxies.
  • Wrong I ranked first page with public proxy 100k exact search
  • @lioncool would you share your experience with us? or atleast tell me i you do things different than me?
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