Still burning through captchas with GSA

It seems even with CB, GSA is using ~$30 worth of captchas per day with only 10 active projects. I've set CB as priority and DBC as second with zero retries, but at this rate, catpchas are being eaten like crazy. The "paid for" captchas at CB displays me as only spending $2, but in reality I've spent about $100. Is there a bug or some settings that I've misconfigured causing captcha burning? Here's an image -

As you see, it says paid = $1.52, but that is clearly untrue. Not sure what to do :S


  • MrXMrX Germany
    CB will not break recaptcha and other hard to solve ones so they will always eat up your money. You may try e.g. spamvilla or set your paid service to solve only on PR>3 sites or something like that!
  • It is still eating up captchas at an extremely fast rate, and also as mentioned, CB only says I've spent $1.52 whereas I've spent $30 a day with DBC using ONLY SER as the only program that uses it.
  • @thecraft just read the post above: SPAMVILLA is the answer, it solves recaptcha, and you will get much more target sites to post your dear links ;)
  • From my experience DeathByCaptcha charges for incorrect captchas. I am not sure if that is the case with you.
  • Maybe I should consider the $30/mo package of "Recaptcha OCR with 50% accuracy" in spamvilla. Wow, it cost so much with captcha, proxy altogether. Luckily SER is a lifetime subscription :)
  • set higher pr to use DBC
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