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How to change the port

Hello, i have another answer, thanks for who can help me.

I want to change the port of Captcha Breaker, becouse it's busy on my vps, so does it possible?


  • SvenSven
    It is possible but usually not really working for other programs unless they let you specify the port to use (sometimes for de-captcher and death by captcha).
  • I will use it only with GSA SER, so how it's possible to change it? Please help me.
  • from what i heard and worked for me, using as webserver is only needed if you plann to use it with another sofrware besides GSA SER.

    Since you will be using it with GSA SER, just uncheck the webserver option, and your done.
    It will solve captchas just fine :)

    Works just fine for me

  • Ok i have tried, but the result are poor, it solve small amount of captcha. Can i do something else?
  • SvenSven
    This has nothing to do on how it solves captchas (webserver or not). Just make sure you skip recaptcha and any other captchas with low success rate.
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