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TAGs Use on SER

edited July 2013 in Bugs
I have "TAGs use" in options page set to use my anchor texts, which are related terms to my niche/url

In KEYWORDS field on the project, I have some spammy KWS to help me find targets when searching targets in Google, etc

I am noticing on MacOS Wiki projects that the tags being placed on MacOS Wiki and on Social Engine ( could be more, i didnt check ) are using the spammy keywords as tags and NOT the niche related anchors like how i have set in SER. Is this a bug?


  • SvenSven
    Have a look in the engine.ini files, none uses %keyword% but %tags%. So can it be some backlinks build before the %tag% change?
  • No, these were new projects I was testing.

    The tag radiobox in options of the project say use "anchors" or "keywords" and I selected anchors.

    Its dropping the keywords on my MacOS Wiki and Social Engine pages though as the tags instead.

    What is the TAG selection in options suppose to do? Its not using the anchors in my selection but instead the keywords I am scraping targets with.
  • SvenSven
    Well for me it does use the anchor texts. Is your MacOSWiki.ini up to date (check for %tags% or %keyword%)? All of the links I checked have my anchors in it not the keywords.
  • Yeah im on SER 6.32
  • Ill check
  • image




    I blanked out the Keywords line on the project as I had already replaced it later on in the project to try to fix this error, but the word in the kw field were the ones you see as tags on the MacOS Wiki page above
  • SvenSven
    please provide the project backup for further review and debug.
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