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Unable to solve but not forwarding it to Mega OCR


My setup for captcha is, if captcha breaker cant solve, forward it to MegaOCR through CB. But in many cases, its not forwarding captcha to megaocr.

At settings of CB, "Send captcha to following service if failed" selected. But its not sending it to megaocr sometimes, just skiping. 


Any idea with it?


  • SvenSven
    "Expecting 5 retries..." ... so it is not using the 3rd party captcha system but waits for the left once and sends it only if it has the last try.
  • Thank you for your reply Sven.

    Then, how can i let megaocr try to solve more than once if cb is only sending it to megaocr for the lst try?
  • SvenSven
    If you use MegaOCR you can use a 0 rety setting in SER and enable MegaOCR only in SER as second captcha service. Thats how I would set things up.
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