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GSA Fail - How in the %$&@ Do You Import / Transfer Your Projects to Another Machine?

I have a question I was hoping the global GSA SER community would be able to help with.
Let's say I'm moving my copy of GSA to another machine, VPS, whatever, how to I transfer all my projects from one machine to another without having to manually enter the details on the other machine?

I've tried right clicking within the empty projects section of GSA on another machine, and I don't see the option to import the backup.ser file.

Feedback would be appreciated.


  • You should be able to right-click > Modify Project > Restore...

  • Backup ----> Right click, Modify Project, Backup All

    Restore ---> Right click, Modify Project, Restore
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    Need to make this a sticky... really appreciate it guys..

    I feel like a kid in a candy store... :)

    Thanks a lot
  • You can just back up your App data folder and replace it on your new machine
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