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[REQUEST] Turbo Wizard... :)

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Hi GSA member,

I know all of you know that SENuke Xcr was just release and i just want to use some of the SENuke Xcr feature in to the GSA Search Engine Ranker. Those feature was "Turbo Wizard".

I just want to mention, that it will be great if GSA have a wizard button that auto build a campaign for us with just a couple click like the SENuke xcr. So Santos, please consider to add this feature so the GSA member will save their time to build campaign.

OK... some member will said, the auto scrape article will produce garbage and will hurt for backlink. What i want to said that, hey.. use it for backlink your tier1 or tier2.

Any suggestion will be great for this feature...


  • I can get a new campaign set up if I already have the email address in 3 minutes, and this is on a vps where things just are never as smooth as your local computer. I imagine if it was on a local computer I could do it in 2 minutes.

    You can use a software like Kontent Machine or if you don't like the crazy high price of that per month I have a one off service I am looking for testers for that gives you almost everything you need to import into gsa. message me here for more info.

    I know the guys at senuke have their 30 sec setup but I think 2 minutes is pretty awesome if you ask me. I'll spend an extra minute setting up for not having to pay $147 per month! LONG LIVE GSA
  • I know kontent machine and wicked article creator but what i suggest is another thing! A feature that build in the GSA that turbo the campaign creation.
  • SvenSven

    I don't think this will make it to the next version. This is actually no easy task. Why do you think articlebuilder charges a monthly fee for this? It is no easy task to create content automatically that is actually worth it. And it will most likely not have anything to do with your campaign. 

    Anyway there is a "Auto-Fill" button already included. It crawls as much information from your website as possible (keywords, description from meta tags) and creates content. Though no article or any further things. You should really take care of this on your own. I am not a big fan of this auto-content creation as it is usually not good/readable.

  • I was thinking about something like this as well. The beauty about GSA is that there are so many options. But it would be nice as a novice to be able to go through a kind of set up wizard. There have been various discussions on the best settings to use. So the wizard could use these settings to set up a project for you.
  • Hi Sven,

    I know this is not a easy task.. but hey.. you do ask the GSA user to post feature suggest right? :)

    Anyway, i hope that this feature can implement at GSA so i hope you can think about this...

  • No offense but i hope he doesn't and concentrates on more important things such as web 2.0's
  • +1 to xStone, GSA is becoming the powerhouse and I'd hate for it to take a step backwards. Plus, the more you setup projects the easier it becomes and you actually learn the software instead of blindly just setting up quick ones.

    As with Senuke, I'm guilty myself of just using the wizard each time and have never fully learned the program at all.
  • Got to agree with xstone, i'm interested purely in more places to place backlinks, and other things such as stability etc. The software does a great job as it is. I'm also on a VPS, and using a backup template, i can knock together a new project in a couple of minutes, if that. Not bad at all really. Alot of feature requests are being made, which is a positive thing, but this will surely make the program bloated and effect it's currently great (in my opinion) effectiveness.
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    edited September 2012
    darman82 - Sven is the developer, not me. :P

    The beauty of the software is the amount of control you have over everything. More control = Higher Quality

    If the software starts generating all the data for you then you won't be receiving the same quality as if you put the campaign together yourself.

    I don't care if it takes me 30 minutes to setup a campaign if I know I'm going to be receiving quality automated backlinks. You will save a lot of time and head ache in the long run.

    For now, I think there are other features & platforms that would be better to add. (in my opinion)

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