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Link is verified, but there is no backlink?

Hey, I checked a list of 100 pr 4-9 backlinks that GSA created for me.
They are all "verified", but even though I checked them manually I can't seem to find one single backlink!

How could this happen? I have lots of tiers running as well, so this means that all the tiers is building links to "verified" sites with no backlinks to my site anyways?

Best Answer

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer for blogspot you need to be careful. the links are removed quickly when a spam is detected. so it might have been ok but removed later on. Thats why blogspot is disabled by default. has a link on it (view source)

    About the page move: You can't do anything about it. Just the Re-Verify would remove this URL and would build no links to it anymore.


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