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Server Abuse email

edited September 2012 in Need Help
I just got this email from the technical team of where I host my VPS Server below. I am just running GSA SER and Indexer along with 10 private proxies. Has anyone gotten something like this? I thought the private proxies would be enough to protect the server IP. 


We have received several Abuse reports coming from your IP. We would like to kindly ask that you stop and suspicious behaviour on your VPS.

If we can be of any further help with regard to this or any other matter, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards


Best Answers

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    Well what can I say to this, ask them what in detail they think is wrong. I have no clue how you set things up on your end.
  • Accepted Answer
    If you are using PRIVATE proxies, you SHOULD NOT be "automatically disable bad proxies". There will be times, for whatever reasons, that eve private proxies will have a problem. With this option set, you will disable this proxy. After this happens 10 times (in your case), you won't have any more active proxies and will be using the IP of your VPS.
  • Accepted Answer
    @DavidA2 - great tip!


  • Yes, understood. From a GSA perspective, the key settings are just using private proxies and clicking on the "automatically disable bad proxies?"  - anything else that comes to mind? Just covering all bases from a GSA settings perspective.
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