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Bad results with indexing

edited July 2013 in GSA SEO Indexer
Over the last month I created about 3500 verified links. Most of them articles with good PR etc. All those links were run through GSA indexer with full setting as they were verified. No ranking results yet for this project so I Ran the index check. Found that only 100 out of 3500 were indexed. My past projects have had much better results with indexing. Is it too soon for them to show up as indexed? Is there something wrong or has Google slowed indexing? Should I re-run the urls's through the indexer?


  • Google has definitely slowed down indexing during the past month. I can confirm that too :)
  • Where can you see that index check??
  • Indexing is definitely slower.
  • Lot of people reporting this too along with lower effectiveness overall.
  • Also noticed the same
  • Apart from that, almost no serp movements in most of my projects since 2 weeks.
  • @Winosergio How are you building links? Tiers/direct blasts etc etc?
  • @doubleup

    I am blasting directing to moneysite as in the @insane post adn then i blast tier 1 with xrumer.

    Several keywords in position #25 for 3 weeks, so a litle bit frustrating.
  • edited July 2013
    Yeah. The indexing rate is a lot slower now. I'm actually running two indexing services on GSA SER.
  • @winosergio - not sure if you figured it out yet but just right click on project. show urls - verified - report screen that pops up has "index chk" button on the bottom


    Thanks for everyone's reply on this but does anyone know if running the unindexed links through the gsa indexer a second or third  time would help or is that a bad thing to do?

  • @Mike you are great, I have even asked and nobady told me that. It was in front of me all the time......

  • Can't speak, it's a bit of both.

    For other domain, which was just 3 days old, got ranked in 3rd page in just 2-3 days! And it has exact searches of around 30K!

    But yeah, I'm frustrated like hell too.
  • @pratik for me it happened the same, position 25€ in a very competitive term, and then it nothing has moved after 3 weeks.

    So more patiencie needed and new strategies to apply.
  • I've been with indexification for the past 2 months and I haven't really seen a difference in my indexing while comparing to a website that has not been sent to indexification. I haven't been able to find a solution for quick indexing, and it almost seems that google wants to tell us that indexing is not working anymore - or at least spammy t2-t3 content.

    Case Study
    I created a few t2 blogs with syndicated/spun content, which was sent to the indexification service, and I also had social bookmarks (also spun) as t3 also sent to the indexification. A month later, only 10% of my t2 blogs were actually indexed, but many more of my t3 bookmarks were indexed. And although if i searched for my blog URL, I would get many bookmarks pointing to it, but the blog itself would not appear.

    What can I conclude from this?
    1. Google has got a lot better at detecting syndicated/spun content. And although spun content is not dead, you really have to rewrite your article right and not just "autospin" it.
    2. Affected websites on this "lower/lack of indexation" are mostly BLOGS/WEB2.0, Blog comments, Wiki's, and other content rich platforms yet
      1. Basically Google knows what platforms have been spammed (blogs,forum profiles,guestbooks, etc..) and google knows where they can be more severe on "spun" content (eg. web2.0,wiki,directories...)
      2. Social bookmarks are not as affected, since they depend a lot on copied content,or people's rephrases.
    3. No longer spam links are given any significant importance for indexation, since it is considered just garbage.
    If I was in google's shoes I'd do the same thing. I would realize that blog comments are usually spam, and so I would only consider the most niche related, Low OBL comments as valid(This can apply to forum profiles,guestbook posts, etc..). I would be harsher on blog's/wiki algorithmic content valuation, since spun content is a big problem for them.

    What's my conclusion?
    Let's use social media to index our high quality blogs.
  • ronron

    You have to look at the process you are using to see where it can be improved.

    For example, if all you build to your moneysite is brand new, non-indexed, T1 links from SER...

    Then you can beat that if you build T1 links that are already indexed.

    Think about it.

  • Ppl here are giving google far too much credit. 

    As @ron says, there's no secret to getting your content and links indexed, you simply have to put them places Google already indexes.
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