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Connect to HMA first....then use proxies?

I first connect to HMA.  After connected, I run GSA with 10 dedicated private proxies. I really don't want to connect directly to the proxies from my ISP in fear that my ISP will data throttle, or worse, the proxies will leak.

The issue I'm having is that HMA disconnects every few hours, and in order for the proxies to work I have to login into the proxy website every time this happens which is inconvenient.

Any suggestions?Which proxy providers have it so that I don't have to login every time the IP changes?


  • You're better off getting a VPS to run it on. HMA just slows everything down and if your ISP was really serious, HMA would hand the info over the first time they ask. I don't use VPNs much, but I've never had my StrongVPN or VersaVPNs disconnect and the speeds are great. So if you can't get a VPS, get one of those.
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