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Trouble with Javascript Post Back When Identifying URL

In a page I am working, there is a link that looks like this

<a id="page2_V_lnkAddBookmark" href="javascript:__doPostBack('page2$V$lnkAddBookmark','')">Add a Bookmark</a>

When I try to identify the URL with the following I get this error: "unable to find suitable URL"

find link=Add a Bookmark


find url=javascript:__doPostBack('page2$V$lnkAddBookmark','')

Any suggestion on how to handle this post back?


  • @sven is it possible to use the id?

    link id=page2_V_lnkAddBookmark
  • If you use HTTPFox or similar to spy on what is submitted, you could maybe replicate the behaviour of the javascript using post data=
  • SvenSven
    @cherub is right, there is no use in extracting the URL here as it is javascript that gets executed on a click. You have to use "modify url" and "post data".
  • edited July 2013
    ya, I looked at that... they are doing a bunch of other verification fields to... i'm gonna make a bot for it instead, so I dont have to deal with shit..

    Thanks for the help!
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