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New Target Scrapes STOP After a Couple Days?

Anyone experienced that GSA SER would scrape new targets to post to for the first couple of days and have a couple hundred unique domains to post to, whether it's wiki, SB, Articles, BC, etc, but then AFTER the first couple days, especially when you put "avoid posting to the same domain" that the campaign is paused and didn't add much new domains.  

It seems that it can't find anymore new domains to post to?  

I have 400k keywords that are 1-2 words separated into 1,000 word text files in a folder where GSA SER can pull from.  So I don't think it's a keyword size issue.

@sven or others, do you guys possibly know why this is?


  • I'm using 30 private proxies, Captcha Breaker, VPS 2 core, 2 GBram.  
  • SvenSven
    Keywords have little to do with finding targets sites unless its blog comments. Just watch the log for the search queries.
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