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proxy test

I have 20 proxies from
When I test it following way:
Test proxies -> all -> against Google
every single one passes the test

When tested automatically by GSA (5min interval) only 11 works

when I select all to use - I see more "ip/proxy block" than when selected 11 working
so it means , test performed automatically is more accurate...
anyone noticed that?



  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    I discussed this recently that the default SER Google proxy checks for a string on Google homepage, but actually when you do a search that's when your proxy can show up as banned, which wouldn't get picked up by SER unless you modify the Google proxy check. 
  • I did custom check and now it works like it should work = 11 working (out of 20.....)
  • How can i change the Google Proxy Check? i have an proxy that if i use it in my IE works great, but when test using against google Search show me not working. HOw is that possible?

  • SvenSven
    It's due the proxies in your IE. If you clear proxies there Im sure it shows a blocking message as well with a captcha input.
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