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GSA Email Spider: Can't Resume where I left spidering?

So this is what happened, I let my GSA on for 48hrs and it has scrapped about 2900 emails. As system was slow, I restarted the system and found no records on GSA Email Spider. Of course, I have saved all the data spidered. But my concern is, 170000 URLs has been parsed in a site already and now how can I say GSA to continue parsing from where it left last time? I find no options. Any help would really make my work a lot easier.


  • SvenSven
    Click Project->Load/Save and on a Load you can click Continue to start where ti left off.
  • I tried loading, but its not loading the data still. I saved in 'Save' option which is under the found items option. I think do we have to save it differently for saving the entire project settings?
  • SvenSven
    Well Project ->load/save is not the Email-save/import.
  • Sven, I'm not sure if you are the official support guy. But, whatever it is, I have purchased this product which I am regretting still as there is no proper instructions on how to use this tool. And here, through you, I'm getting only a minimal information without addressing the real issue.

    Alright, let me try one more time,

    1.How can I save the entire project settings including the URLs parsed, URLs pending, emails scrapped, emails yet to be scrapped, etc., It's should be such that I should able to make the GSA continue parsing urls from where it left last time.
  • SvenSven
    edited July 2013

    I am not only the support guy but also the coder of this program. And again, what you are looking for is "Project->Save". This will save settings, emails, phone, fax, parsed URLs and so on. The only thing it does not save is the E-Mail templates you use to send out emails. But beside this, all is loaded/saved.

    I give minimal information as I don't see why I should tell more than you asked!? This is a forum after all.

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