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GSA Email Spider: Too slow, only 2900 emails in 48hrs of complete operation?

Hi, before buying this product, I have done some basic researching and found some guys preferred it and so bought it without any further research as I'm basically an Action-oriented guy. But, what happened is, it rarely work and even when it work, it's just producing about 2900 emails in 48hrs of continuous operation?

Am I making mistake somewhere or is this how this product work? Any tips will be great to increase the speed.


  • SvenSven
    Yes you probably use it not correctly. Make some screenshots of your settings please. Or at least tell us what you have configured and what you are searching for/with.
  • I'll send screenshots when I'm at computer. But I checked everything from mail filtering, to used keywords, to proxy settings. Everything seemed to be okay. Do you have anything in specific to say about settings?
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