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Importance of linkbuilding in own language

Do you know if it is a must to build links in the same language as the moneysite?

If I want to do linkbuilding on a website in swedish, do you then think I need to create a campaign in GSA with text and keywords in swedish, or is it enough that only the anchortext is in swedish? I have used to build links on sites in english with english text, but with anchortext in my own language. This used to be ok. But after penguin I am in doubt if this is enough.

If my moneysite is in swedish, then it might be best to post links on sites with .se and with an article in swedish?

I would rather avoid this, as it gives me a lot of extra work to create a campaign in my own language. But if it is needed, then I have to do this.


  • MrXMrX Germany
    As I am working mostly for german clients, I usually use german content in tier 1 with german anchor text. For tier 2 and above I only use english content with german anchor text.
    Seems to be working quite nice. Make sure you run an extra campaign targeting only sites like to make sure you got some extra "real" swedish links.
  • Ok, thanks.

    the problem is that I dont have good synonyms for article spinning in my own language, so I need to do the synonyms manually. But I guess, there is no way to avoid this 8-|
  • MrXMrX Germany
    You can create your own thesaurus. I did this for german language and I improve it every other day. If youre interested:
    I am using free version of spinnerchief which works quite nice and easy to do this. For Tier1 content, I order like 1 article per 2 weeks per project and manually feed my thesaurus in spinnerchief with every single article. After a few months, you will have a quite nice thesaurus and of course you can make sure that the quality is high enough for a readable tier1 article.
    This is of course a lot more work than just clicking on SPIN in TBS or something else but you will have your own database after some time which is quite nice ;)
  • When I have created my campaings in my own language I get better results, I think you get better linkjuice by creating your content in your webpage, at least for tier 1, tier 2 is not as important.
  • Ok, Thanks for your feedback.
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