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What I've Come to Really Appreciate About GSA Search Engine Ranker In 3 Days

Well...there I was...searching the Internet, reading reviews, watching video reviews, looking at price variations and the best deal for the money... For what? For what else? The best SEO submission tool that seemed to be the biggest bang for the buck. I wanted a lifetime subscription - not a recurring monthly fee. Doing my research I ran into a post on another forum that said the two top SEO tools that "killed it" last year were GSA Search Engine Ranker and a competitor (won't mention any names...) So I narrowed my choice down to GSA SER and this other one based on pricing and features. The other one had all sorts of reviews about how good it is, how nice the GUI is, how much you can do with it, how the developers work hard on it to update it, fix bugs, listen to user feedback and suggestions etc. Blah blah blah. They got me. I bought this other SEO tool. I was all excited thinking this is gonna get the job done. Do what I need it to do hassle free.

Boy was I wrong. I made a costly mistake and should have researched further before buying. Bottom line? I got this other SEO tool and then joined a forum for it where like maybe 5 people max have posted or said anything in there for months. Then I saw the software hasn't been updated in months either - even though the developers know there are bug issues demanding attention to get fixed. Like a hole in your roof demands fixing. Needless to say (but I will) I was very disappointed in it. 

So then I said okay-lets see what GSA SER has to offer? I researched some more. Found out that there are plenty of video tutorials to learn from. I went to this forum and saw users of the GSA product actually interacting and sharing. My first impression of this forum was a good one. I browsed posts and replies as a guest. There is a certain respect level here among GSA members. I like that. I didn't see the bitching and all that I usually do in other forums. Nor any of the elitist, "I'm too good to know you" dung. I kept on researching, trying to make sure I wouldn't make another mistake.

Watching whatever I could find on YouTube about GSA SER I came across a video where a guy said the software was updated constantly. That, along with the above mentioned, sold me on it. I went off to buy GSA Search Engine Ranker. I received my purchase, watched a video or two and followed along in the software as I watched to learn it. I don't think it could have been any easier to use and straight forward. I liked it enough to buy the GSA Captcha Breaker to run with it - another GSA tool lifetime subscription that saved me yet another monthly fee. I bought the GSA SEO indexer at checkout for GSA SER by the way. Now continuing, I had never used any of these three programs by GSA until literally like three days ago...

3 Days Later :

GSA Search Engine Ranker Features I Really Appreciate!

1. EASY TO LEARN AND USE RIGHT OUT THE GATE: I am no pro SEO tool user by a long shot. Even so, by just watching the videos available online I was able to run my first campaign within hours of receiving it. Right away I was building links, indexing and so on. And most importantly - getting results. Any other SEO tool like this I've ever tried that was worth anything took some time to get use to. Not so with GSA Search Engine Ranker. Not at all. It is very easy to navigate and learn. Here I am three days later after my purchase and I can tell you with absolute certainty that if you're having a problem with this tool it's a user problem. Not the software. Check your settings, global and campaign settings. Make sure all fields are filled out properly, make sure you have some good semi-private or private proxies ready, loaded, and tested in it. Marked as private in settings as you set your other proxy settings. Just do exactly as you are taught to in the videos, tutorials and shared advice in this forum. You'll be getting the Search Engine results you're after quickly. In fact, I have it running right now as I'm writing this.

2. THE CONSTANT UPDATING AND FURTHER DEVELOPMENT OF GSA SEARCH ENGINE RANKER: Like I said above, I've only been using it like three days. Almost every day I launch it there's a new update waiting for me. That says a lot to me. It should to you too. You don't wanna get stuck with some buggy, developer unsupported SEO tool. Unless you have money just to blow out your bunghole and don't care. I care. So GSA SER is worth every penny in my opinion. In fact, this SEO tool, like the other SEO tools by GSA are without a doubt worth two to three times what it's being sold for. 

3. THE FILTER OPTIONS IN GSA SEARCH ENGINE RANKER ROCK: You have the ability to filter out submissions to any page that has certain words in it's content or title. You don't wanna post to certain sites for yourself or your clients. Just imagine one day your client sees a link to their money site on a "Watch Her Squirt" site or something. Not to even mention Google. You have the option to not post to sites that don't contain any of your targeted key words so that your backlinks are more relevant to your site's content. You have the option to tell it to only post to sites with certain Page Ranks. You have the option to tell it to only post or not post to sites in certain countries. In other words there are so many built in filter options that there is no reason why you cannot create content relevant, powerful backlinks or tiers to your money site.  In short - you have the user ability to configure GSA Search Engine Ranker to do just about anything you want it to do or not to do. That's priceless.

Get it. Try it. Love it. Buy it. Support it.

(Huh? what was that? Yes, go ahead and spin up this 100% unique article and submit it.) ;-)


  • Nice feedback. Yes SER is truly a beast. :)
  • SvenSven
    Wow thanks @Chris for that great review. This means a lot to me as usually people just complain and do not say thanks when there is all OK (somehow naturally though).
  • Welcome to the family @Chris
  • @sven, You deserve 1000 more reviews like this. I have never seen any SEO programs update and constantly improve there product as much and as often as you do. for the people always complaining..... Go read the guides and tutorial threads again, anyone can get high links per minute and quality link, you just need to know what your doing!
  • SvenSven
    Thanks :) Feels good to read this.
  • I agree I couldn't afford other seo tools I just bought it afew weeks ago I'm a newbie lol. I have a laptop dedicated to it and was running 50 threads this thing is so damn fast and it's in my slow laptop with 2 gb ram after I figure everything out I'm going to put it on my 8 gb quad core. I am shocked at the amount of things this does for the price! Very nice piece of software!
  • Thanks guys. All I can say - especially to you Sven - is I have only stated the truth. Anyone who has even minimal logical deduction skills could surely grasp this tool. It's the best I have ever used.
  • @Sven if GSA ser was a football player, it would be Maradona or Messi.

    If it was a runner would be Usain Bolt.

    If it was a chess player it would be Kasparov.

    If it was a tennis player, it would be Rafael Nada.

    So you know, GSA its by far the best Seo tool made EVER.

    And you are the developer of that great software, it means that you are a genious. It goes without saying that you are one of the most concerned admin-developer with his own community.

    So thanks for making possible I dare to say many thouthands dollars to many people al over the world.( i will be the next one to earn thouthands.
  • Sven rocks. GSA is leagues better than anything else on the market. Its the only tool you need to rank.
  • I like GSA SER because of Sven. Even before this forum existed, you could email Sven and you can bet he'll answer you either with a solution or an upcoming solution. If there's a new feature you'd like to request, Sven will add it ASAP as long as it's a sensible request. If there's a bug, simply post here and he'll fix it sometimes within HOURS! Also he doesn't get mad no matter how newbie your question may be... he still answers it the best he can (even though he's already answered it 457x before and/or the answer is in one of the stickied topics).
  • goonergooner
    Yea, i totally agree - Sven deserves a drink from all us. You should put a "Buy Sven a drink" donate button on this forum for all of us to show our appreciation.

    Many thanks @sven

  • Agree. Many props to @Sven .
  • another vote for sven for president!
  • edited September 2013
    Totally agree with you guys - if Sven put up a PayPal donate button or something I would drop some coins in there from time to time to show my appreciation. The man deserves that. Without a doubt.

    When I got into all of this SEO tools stuff I quickly learned the majority of the tools are poorly supported or put out by youngsters. I wasted money. Bought tools I don't even use. GSA Search Engine Ranker is my main tool now and I use it every day. I'm gonna support it and Sven all the way.

    As Username said above Sven goes above and beyond in support. AND THE MAIN DIFFERENCE between Sven and other developers I've seen is this: a lot of other developers talk the talk - Sven gets shit done. Period. How many times have we all seen an SEO tool where the developer says a major update is coming for like 6 months to a year?... We don't ever have to worry about that crap here.

    Buy Sven a drink? Hell - buy him several drinks and like 3 hot naked ladies for the weekend!
  • +1 PayPal donate button
  • +1 for the donation button, would love to buy Sven a beer!
  • SvenSven
    Thanks for all the flowers (beer) ;) No need for a donate button, if you buy another license or say how good this all is (or not) to other it's just fine.
  • I agree, GSA SER is a beast, it is pretty fast and the best thing about it is that it has a great user interface. I like it because it does not require looking for target sites, register on them all, start posting and then realizing that half the sites are dead before you could even use it.

  • then add a beer button like Rep button in other forums, but we have beer here  B-)
  • SvenSven
    You got your Donate button at the top now, but I don't expect anyone clicking it though.
  • goonergooner
    I disagree Sven ;)
  • SvenSven
    Hahah yea thanks someone clicked it already ... might be you I guess. Thanks. :)
  • goonergooner
    Welcome :)
  • You might be surprised. Give it time. Once people see it and know about it I'm sure they will click it to show some appreciation of your work and support Sven - I know you just got another click just now.
  • SvenSven
    great :)
  • I agree with all the above. I admit at first I fond SER a tad mystifying but it is actually quite logical and simple for what it does (once you learn it). The tutorials and help on this forum make it an A+ product and one I am happy to have purchased.

    Major props to Sven for his support, humility and sensible approach to running this forum.
  • I've got GSA a month ago but still hard to play with it. Does it necessary to sell the powerful tool but hide the manual? So sad. Anyone could help me a proper setting up?
  • KennyVu are you serious? Why don't you OPEN YOUR EYES and LOOK? No one hides the manual for GSA SER. There are lots of learning resources available:

    This forum is full of helpful information, tips, and advice on the use of this software.
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