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Skip project when finish



I have got an idea to improve the performance of SER for some users.


Since most of the T1 have got their 10-30 submissions within the first hour of a day, they don’t build links for the next 23 hours.


Thats okay, but the problem is in the scheduler: I have set it to run e.g. 6 projects at a time per hour, and sometimes it has 5 T1 and 1 T3 in it for example.


The T3 will run all the time while the T1 are just „sleeping“ and verifying all the time. That way imho a lot of ressources are wasted.


It would be helpful in my opinion, if there was a checkbox in the scheduler that says „Skip Project when daily submissions have been reached“.


In addition SER should of course verify all links before it does that, because otherwise it will only submit and then skip.


For me that sounds helpful – whats your opinion on that?


Best Regards


  • SvenSven
    Well you have the option to stop project with status Active (P). Wouldn't that have the same effect?
  • please delete my stupid question, i overlooked that...
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