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Inside projects [Options] Filter url's - Type of backlink to create :

I though some months ago about being able to use the gsa ser only for social bookmark(pligg only) submits if we wanted to. I was happy when i saw that the function was implemented and today i tried it. Maybe its not doing what i hoped and i got it wrong, inform me if so.
I only need social bookmark story live url backlinks so i only checked in this list "Type of backlink to create" the Bookmark-Anchor Text.
Now the numbers i get.
With the option avoid posting on same domain twice i get this stats:
-with all the types of backlink to create checked i was able to get 1160 different social bookmark backlinks (removing the duplicate domains in scrapebox they are only 672 different working social bookmarking sites on my list-and i have allmost all pligg websites out there)
-only with Bookmark-Anchor Text i get 50 social bookmarks (good and only story links but only 50) from all the 1160 working website accounts
Something must be wrong here, what is my log saying? well basically it outputs that "Profile URL link skipped" and refuses to create profile like backlink like it should but only 50 social story bookmark live backlinks is what i would call bad success rate.


  • SvenSven
    When did you run that pligg test? Because in the latest versions of SER I was working on pligg and the current version should be the best.
  • I did the test today on version 6.27 now i updated to 6.28 and i should try again?
    I use deathbycaptcha as paid captcha provider.
  • SvenSven
    6.27 should have been fine as well yes. What kind of errors did you get? I need more details here sorry.
  • Well basically i get posted only 50 backlinks (story links only) if i have checked only the "Bookmark - Anchor Text". Can you ask @Santos to run a test or you if you @sven have the time.
    Also i was expecting a better success rate for pliggs, i was thinking for a slightly higher number of verified links, how many different domains you guys can post with gsa ser? I did only 1160 social bookmark backlinks.
  • SvenSven
    @eLeSlash sorry but I get way more links than that. Though I will make a new test later on.
  • You refer to my 50 links? or to my 1160 total social bookmark links?
  • SvenSven
    to your 50 successful verified links.
  • SvenSven
    so i left it running for just a couple of mituts and have already 113 verified story urls. Something else must be wrong on your project. Please send that to me.
  • @Sven please connect on my PC because i cannot get it done, now i get even more issues.

    I ran a registration process on this pliggs, all went good i builded 2616 backlinks (only pligg) with the "avoid posting on same domain twice" option checked. I got mostly profile backlinks but i need only story so i thought using this "Bookmark - Anchor" thing. I duplicated the project, i imported the created accounts and press run. After it finished i ended up with 264 story backlinks. I dont know why that low ammount... i mean i got 2616 normal backlinks but only 264 story ones. Hmm...
    The second big issue is that i get other information submitted than the one in my data i got saved on this project. Dunno why, it submits another link than the one i have in the url field also it uses other description and anchor texts than the one i set. Il pm you @Sven.
  • Oh yes and also if i only check the "Bookmark - Anchor" type of link to be created i get the /upcoming.php backlinks aswell. This needs to be fixed i think?
  • For some reason my scraping projects run only with 2-12 threads and wont go up when i have 180 threads. Its so slow and i dont know why... is it normal to harvest with gsa ser with 2-12 threads even though i have 180?

    Il do a @Sven because its monday
  • I guess its holyday ? Can someone update me about @Sven?
  • cherubcherub
    Check the big post at the top of the forum saying that Sven is on holiday until the 3rd...
  • Missed that, okay thank you cherub !
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