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Scripting question regarding POST data and speed

I've read the documentation and searched the forum but haven't found any answers yet, so I thought I would ask here and maybe Sven or some of the other experienced GSA script writers could help.

I'm trying to write a few scripts that use the POST data method, but I'll be feeding these my own lists of URLs and speed is my main concern. So my questions are:

  1. Is there a way to prevent GSA from loading the body of each page in my URL list? Since I don't need to parse any form elements, I just want to rapid fire the POST requests as fast as possible in the form of %targeturl% + the post values (ex: ?action=add&name=%name%&title=%image_title%&email=%email%
  2. Is there a way to change a script's behavior based on submission status? This would basically be the same as an IF statement. For example, if a submission is unknown, send a POST request with alternate values for post data.
These things may or may not be possible. I love the software either way (had it about a month or so), but I'm still learning what all it can do, especially the scripting capabilities.

I'll be happy to share some scripts with the community in the future as well, when I get a little better/faster at creating them :)



  • SvenSven

    1. use "modify url" and "post data" in the setup section to not download anything but post directly.

    2. not possible right now, might need some sample from you to add this.

  • Thanks Sven, I'll try that. When GSA runs this script with "modify url" and "post data" in the setup section, will it still load up the values for variables if they are defined below [setup]? For example, if I want %spinfile-names.dat% and %keyword% in my "modify url" value, would that work (if these are defined in my project)?

    I'm guessing GSA reads the entire script first and then executes everything, but just wanted to ask.

    I'll test this as soon as I get time, just been really busy. Thanks again for your help.
  • SvenSven
    Please check the scripting manual. That shows you what types of script code can be placed in SETUP section. But yes, modify url as well as post data and stuff can be put there.
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