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What is "spinfile" macro & where/how do you use it?

edited September 2012 in Need Help
Over the past week or so, I have seen several references to a "spinfile macro" - mainly in this thread...

I have searched for a while, but cannot find good info on what exactly this is and where/how to use it. It appears to be a "feature" brought over from similar functionality in xrumer (which I know of but have no experience with).

There are also references to other functions (macros?) - #file_links, #trans, #notrans, etc. What are each of these (and any others)? How/where would you use them?


  • SvenSven

    You can read some of the macros docu here:

    If someone has a more up to date manual with maybe more macros I can add, feel free to pm me ;)

  • OK, I'll check the manual out. But where do you use these macros? And what are all the macros that are currently available?
  • I haven't used the macros yet, I guess I'm just too lazy, but here is the list taken from help>version history:

    support for #trans ... #notrans macro When used inside the project data, it translates the text to the language of the website it is submitting to.
    Example: "#trans I like this #notrans" will turn to "Dies ist ein Test" when submitted to

    support for a new macro called #err[0..10000]
                 This will modify the content with typos/misspelling. The higher the number the more
                 typos are generated (but keep it readable for humans). This is not modifying your
                 anchor text of URL if used in the text.
                 You might ask for what is this useful? Some say it fights duplicate content,
                 some say it's rubbish. At least you can decide to use it or not.
          - new: support for a new macro called #gennick[BLAHH,min,max]
                 this creates a random login with min/max length. The first parameter is not used for now.
          - new: support for a new macro called #random[a..z,A..Z,0..9,@,!,;]
                 this will insert a char from the given range into the field
          - new: support for a new macro called #file="c:\xyz.txt"
                 this will insert the content from a file (or URL)
          - new: #file_links can now use URLs as parameters
    #file_links syntax now also supports SP, NP, LP as parameters

  • So, can these be used in any of the input fields?

    Thanks for the help, but I would like a little more detail on the #file & someone would be so kind.

    Didn't I see something about being able to pick a file (random?) from a folder? (Maybe I am mistaken.)
  • SvenSven
    You can use them in any input field.
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