Terrible Bug!

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Just sorted a *hit load of verified urls by "link URL" and when closing the window all of them (from each sub section of the project) disappeared!

I initially ctr clicked and highlighted 4 sub sections of the project and then went to verify urls - then sorted them by link url to find a specific url I was looking for - then closed the window and ca-boom!

This one needs fixing and so does my taking a backup schedule!


  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    I can not reproduce this here. Can you try the same again on your end and see if it happens?
  • Ok - just tried it again. I have a group with 4 sub sections each of which have around 50+ urls. I highlighted the four sub sections and clicked to verify "verified" links. New popup appears to verify. Clicked verify links and let it work - couple of links dropped off and pop up asking do I want to delete removed links - yes. Then sort colums by "url" colum and then by "link url" colum. Click ok to return to program and the links are gone....made a backup this time!
  • So the backup function doesnt seem to (on the face of it) restore the links verified to the main project window - still showing just 1 or 2 links on each sub section when there were 50-80 on each sub section previously. I ran the project to see whether the links are actually there but just not showing on the main window under verified - it seems its still building links to the links previously made but just not showing them on either the main screen or within the verified section (popup) - weird. Running 3.99 and the sub sections of the projects were "inactive" when I tried to initially verify if that helps?
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
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    OK both issues fixed. Though I could not really reproduce your first bug. But I changed it the whole save part now and improved speed + verified that this can not happen again.
  • Ok thanks for updating I will give the update a try.
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