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What is wrong with SER? Why no fix yet Sven?

edited July 2013 in Bugs
Its been more than 10 days and all our(Most of them) voices have been ignored for some reason. I have been using this software like charm past 6.21 version but now suddenly SER is crashing non stop within few hours of Run. I used to submit with more than 100 LPM but now I am happy with only 50 LPM or so

The thing that is pissing me off is developers are not fixing this bug. And I don't want to hear that its issue with my VPS or with other settings..NO! As I said the software was workign fine and I was running at at full throttle..But now post the memory leak issue this has been getting repeated...

This is my 2nd thread on the same issue and sven said its fixed in version 6.21 but still it persis until 6.25

This is what I see most of the times after running it for 5 to 6 hours


And Yes I did send the bug report(In the name of HOOLAK)  through that window..Hope develpers pay some attention to it as its really pissing customers off(Most of them have reported this issue).


  • SvenSven
    I pay attention to every "bug". But if I request a project backup or setting backup to get the same issue as you in debuger, noone hardly ever sends me something. So figure out for can I fix something that is not broken on my end?
  • okay..I am sending you my project and settings backup..Let me know if you need anything more.
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