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i noticed in blog comments and in description that there are different spin syntax.  so a whole different discription all together each time.  How many of these different versions should i write for articles.

I know each one also has to use the spin syntax as well.  I am just curious because at first i thought get one good one going with manual spin syntax (thank god for free online thesaurus).  but then when testing i noticed on the example descriptions and blog comments that there were many different ones all using spin syntax (or what ever it is called lol).

also with the descriptions and blogs, do i need to do that also manually or can i just use the examples, since there are so many i can only assume they are there for us to use already.


  • SvenSven
    There is no different spin syntax, there is just one. But yes, you might want to come up with your own content for each field to make it more unique.
  • haha yes i noticed that but saw you put different discriptions for it to choose from.  anyway does not matter, i figured it out.  do not know how to explain it but i did figure it out lol

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