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Is there an option in SER where I can have a macro that will only take one keyword from a file and

use it in every single place.

For example

________ is a wonderful city. I have visited _________ many times and I like it alot. If you want to go to ________ then give me a call.

So in the above there would be a file containing

New York

and etc.

and each time it would pick only one and use it to fill ________.


  • the macro for that is %spinfile-% , it's explained in SER manual and in the sticky FAQ thread above.
  • will it always take the same word for the whole spin?
  • SvenSven
    For that submission/form to submit yes. If you do not want this behavior, use %spinfile2%.
  • so if I dont want this behavior and want the second line then I do this 


    or is this the whole command


    Im not sure I understand and its not totally in the instructions.
  • SvenSven
    you use %spinfile2-names.dat2%
  • is this acceptable



    Im not sure I understand where the 2 comes in , is this an arbitary command you made up or does the 2 have special meaning?
  • SvenSven
    No! spinfile2 is just an own macro name, spinfile3 however is no macro name. That spinfile2 just indicates to not remember the content.
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