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SER v5.99

does anybody still have version 5.99 somewhere lying around, and can upload for me that i can give it a shot, my SER is a total mess doesnt work a thing anymore


  • May I ask what doesn't work?

    Thank you.
  • had several threads about it, out of memory all of the time, no matter how less threads,

    i even get it on two active projects, with 20 threads,

    i cant say if its the new VPS box or something else, cause for other people it seems to work, although quite a bunch of people have issues as well, my VPS plan runs out on 20th this month, so i decided already i wont continue this one, but with v 5.99 i knew it was running great in the past, so i wont to nail it down on the fact if its the VPS or not

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