Really need help with constantly crashing GSA SER

My GSA SER is constantly crashing because the scheduler is not working for me. I am specifying that at most 15 projects should run and cycle through 20 minute intervals. 

For some reason it doesn't stick to the 15 project limit, when it crashes it is because it loads all projects which is too much (30+). If it stuck with my 15 limit i think it would fine. I have played around with many settings and don't know why this is happening. 

Can someone help me figure this out? I'd be happy to shared my log file next time this crashes. Can you guys help me figure this out?

I am on berman hosting using the extreme plan. 


  • If this happens again what can I do to help resolve this? Is there a log that I can send you? Also I plan to be adding more projects so this is an issue for me now because it will go from a total of 30 projects to 50+. 

    I don't need to run any of these projects 24 / 7, for me if it stuck to the 15 project limit per 20 minutes I would be fine.
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    My advice for you would be tone down settings and working your way up with optimized settings. That's what I did when all sort of crashes started happening with SER awhile ago. I cut down everything, cleaned up engines and footprints. Tick only those boxes which are really necessary. Experiment with scheduler trying different numbers of projects and minutes. 

    Depending on a system you are running, you need to find your own sweet spot. I am not chasing an aggressive LPM but rather looking for a stable and efficient run. At the moment after all filtering out bad engines and editing footprints, I settled down with: 

    100 threads 
    120 html timeout
    10 sec custom time
    2 SEs for each project (Ozz's style) :D
    Scheduler 8 projects - 15 mins
    Very few ticked boxes

    And I'm cruising with 80+ lmp without those crazy crashes as some have reported lastly. Of course, sometimes it still crashes :(( but nothing crazy. Again, you need to test, and test from bottom up and find your own sweet spot :\">
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