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Questions about Email Settings and Features in GSA SER 6.25

Hello, a few questions about email.

1) Does the program create email accounts automatically or we need to setup our own account ?

When I go to Email Verification, I see it shows a random email in some random service. Does it mean that the program will try to create that email account? Or we need to change it and use our own?.. I remember when I bought the program some time ago, the previous version didn't show that random email, the box was just empty and we had to setup everything manually.

2) Does the program confirm email links or we need to go to our email account and confirm everything manually? Because yesterday I run a new campaign, I went to my email and started manually confirming, but most links showed me the message that it was already confirmed before. So, the program confirmed it automatically?

Also, I want to thank you for making a great program.


  • SvenSven

    1) Partly only. You can use one of the temp-email-providers (e.g. mailnesia). Just click "Create New". Other pop3 accounts will not be created. Though feel free to either buy accounts or use programs doing it for you (links available in program as well). That email you see when creating a new project is indeed one of these temp-email-providers.

    2) Yes it is confirming them all for you.

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