GSA Proxy Problem

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Since 4.28 I've been having proxy problems. I use 300 private proxies at 50 threads posting to PR1 domains. GSA is lagging majorly and getting all 300 proxies banned from Google within minutes. I only have 11 verified link the last 2 days because of this.

Does GSA support sending the google recaptchas to deathbycaptcha to unblock them? Also is there a way to make checking the PR not ban the proxies?

Anyone else having these problems? :(


  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer

    and you use proxies for search + PR checking?

  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    My own settings are to use my own ip for searching and proxies for posting and pr checks

    On 60 threads with 40 proxies, using the global sites list for some projects, I hit 40k submitted in one 24hr period over the weekend.

    If your using shared private proxies, its possible others are using the proxies for similar and hence the pr checking blocks

  • @ Sven,
    I'm using the proxies for posting + pr checking. I use my own ip for searching.

    @ LeeG,
    I use full private proxies. I was getting amazing results until the last few updates and now nothing.
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