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I am going to buy gsa

Hey guys, i am going to buy gsa soon and i have few questions

1. When i buy it then will they send me an email with download link or something like that ? I have never bought any software though internet before.

2.When i download it or got activation key(idk) and when i got some problems with my pc so that i could not use it normally how do I restore gsa ? I mean full version.

3.If i activate or install gsa on my pc and then I'd want to install it on my VPS do i have to buy it once again ?

Maybe stupid questions but i need to know these things : |


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    1. Yes
    2. You won´t have. GSA is not "activation-based" like Scrapebox for example
    3. You can move on wherever you want whenever you want

    You just have your name, the program (which is the same .exe from the trial version) and the activation key. That´s all you need.
  • So i can install gsa on my 2 computers and use them in the same time ?
  • No. You can install it on as many machines as you want but you cannot run simultaneously more than one instance. If you want to do that, you need to purchase another license.
  • Understood. Thank you for info : )
  • 1. When you buy GSA SER, you'll get an automatic email from the vendor (at least Plimus sends instantly) with your Activation Name and Key. Save those for future use too.

    2. SER has a good way unlike other softwares to restore. Even if you sell your PC, or your VPS dies, you can just install SER on another box and add license details and it'd be registered to that PC instead, so no worries.

    3. As instructed in point #2, you won't have to buy it again unless you plan to use it on 2 consecutive systems at the same time.
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